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2013 – 2 individual specialists from different areas of logistics- and industries came together to establish a network in a way it never has been done before.

A network that is not existing in that kind and form which sets itself apart from the existing ones.

This network offers their members an active service and brings them benefits from taking part in the  global network. Each individual participant gets the opportunity to their client a worldwide service from on hand like the market dominating big companies but without loosing their own flexibility and individuality.

A network with a strong community of members with the same or similar structure and company size.

A network with limited office applications, because only one office/member per destination and vice versa. So we won´t have any fishing members in a relation/destination. So we only have members that are mainly active in the network, and each member has to feed in a minimum of 3 shipments a month.

A network that offers their memebers not only an active  business connection but also a service package if necessary.

Each member can benefit from following services

  • international credit assessment for shippers/consignees and logistic partners
  • procuration of credit insurance
  • utilisation of trust accounts
  • shipments via LFC as an adjustor/trustee
  • careless package during meetings
  • vacation/business trips bokkings via LFC
  • financial default by trust fund fee

A network which is a seal of quality not only in the industrial segment but also in the logistic one.

Here at LFC not only people and companies worldwide should be linked together but also all the different areas of expertise of the logistic.

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one for all and all for one

a dream comes true


  • a group of small and medium sized forwarders and logistic companies which are still proprietor owned.
  • only one partner/agent per airport/seaport //  location
  • a group of partners that is focused on quality and not on quantity
  • uncomplicated structures
  • common procedural manners
  • a worldwide network with almost common procedures / quality standards
  • high quality characteristics and management for the concerns of clients/partners worldwide
  • consumption of the strengths, flexibility, individuality, independency and specialization of each partner
  • common international appearance and recognition value on the market with ensuring the own identity of each partner
  • a confiding co-operation
  • comentartorship about the progress of the group, development and future orenttation.
  • two annual member meetings
  • corporate working with real net/net rate
  • Development of corporate sales compaigns, exhibitions and sale activities
  • LFC as arbitural tribunal for missunderstandings and disputes within the group
  • own agent agreements are not subject to the member rules
  • a security stock for one-time loss of accounts receivable with a max
  • max payout based on the amount of the stock
  • monthly announcement of the stock amount


  • payment of a participation fee
  • two annual meetings
  • attendance of the LFC Security Stock
  • ABSOLUTLY MUST – 3 SHIPMENTS PER MONTH input in the group
  • monthly overviews regarding the supplied shipments within the group  are controlled by LFC
  • monthly schedules about outstanding payments among one another are to be reported to the controlling – LFC
  • active sales, sales leads
  • communication is to be done in a respectful manner.
  • granting real net/net rates
  • sales leads are to be done in a resonable time and an appropriate manner
  • report must be send to the sales lead sender
  • shipments must be followed up and are to be reported among one another
  • automatic pod´s are to be send to the responsible agent
  • pre-alerts are to be done to the responsible partner before the shipment leave.
  • an adequate statement of the previous month must be given to the responsible partner every 15th of each month
  • a statement with the outstanding payments for the previous month must be given to the responsible partner
  •  every 15th of each month
  • a statement with the outstanding payment for the previous month must be given to the responsible partner every 30th of each month.
  • at a bad debt loss, every member has to fill up the stock fond
  • partly until it´s previous amount
  • the supervisory committee is to be involved with arguments amont the members.
  • customer protection for all partners has to be guaranteed by each member.

right time at hte right location

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